Thought of the day : Trump Yard Signs

While the left thinks it is HILARIOUS when people vandalize other people’s property, the actors fail to understand a very important fact.

The popularity of Trump is exactly in response to the left’s increasingly violent “protest” tactics.  Every Trump yard sign that is driven over or stolen only enforces the anti-establishment groundswell behind Trump’s success.

The police report that more than 70% of the violent rioters in Charlotte NC had out of state ID’s.  This fact indicates that people (perhaps a George Soros funded organization? *coughblmcoughhackblmcough* ) were bussed in to North Carolina to start a race war.  When it becomes the new normal for the party in power to send out paid thugs to attack the opposition’s supporters it reminds me of another famous powerful socialist and his brown shirted buddies.

I was not a supporter of a Trump presidency.

Not until the brown shirts started attacking.

Not until the alphabet “news” organizations all fell into lockstep DNC talking point rhetoric.

Not until the RINOs and crony capitalists (of both sides) attacked.

Not until a faggot from the UK was repeatedly censored by the shrill, pierced, disfigured and thoughtless zombies of SJW “acidemia”.

Only then did I realize this election isn’t Trump v Clinton, it’s the people v Clinton, and I will always support and believe in the people over government.  Any day.



Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm’:

11% of Americans believe Hillary is Truthful and Honest.  14% believe in BigFoot.  Care to speculate on the Venn diagram for that one?

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