OMG Trump said [insert latest “outrage” here] : The Pussy Whipping of Scott Adams

Oh NOZ!  Trump said something, I better check my twatterfacespace to see what I should think about this!!!!

Poor old Scott Adam’s huh?  His non-livein HOT girlfriend *obviously* had something to say about Trump’s pussy comment.  Even *my* wife is convinced that Trump wants to sleep with his own daughter.

As usual, let us not judge Trump by his policies or actions, let us only focus on 10 year old out of context quotes, preferably only locker room talk.  Even better, let us judge people by the bad jokes they make on daytime woman’s TV.  Anything to distract us from that “dirty russian” Guccifer 2.0.  Nope, nothing to see here citizen, move along.

So what was Hillary doing 11 years ago?  She was calling for a wall and mass deportation. She was also fainting at events due to 24 hour flu.  Hillary and Bill were also getting 55,000$ back on her taxes with a reported income of 18,000,000$.

What was Trump doing 11 years ago?  Unimportant things like testifying to congress about the renovation of the UN complex in NY.  He also did all that meaningless real estate, golf courses, TV shows etc.  What a LOSER!

It’s just all a big MEH: Business as usual in the politics of personal destruction.  A more realistic reaction to the “news of the day” from Dianny:

Stop the presses! Trump said PUSSY!!!!

Dianny rightly points out the hypocrisy:

And, newsflash, folks.

Girls can get a little ribald too.

We talk about guys’ asses, their pecs, and their package.

And what if the tables were turned:

If Hillary had said “You can do anything you want to man…just grab him by the dick”

CNN would make a documentary of how woman of power throughout the ages were known to grab dicks as a symbolic gesture of taking power back from men.

Let the debate drinking games begin!


What they will not tell you about wind power : the South Australian power apocalypse

In recent days the people of South Australia have been plagued by power outages.  This is important for us in the USA because of the push for “renewable” energy.  It turns out that SA’s rush to convert from clean coal to wind power is the root of the problem there, and now we are pushing to import the problem here.

While trying to refute the assertions of the anti-wind contingent (I am pro renewables, but obviously Thorium is the best solution, pun intended), I stumbled upon an interview with Andrew Dodson concerning a very interesting quality of our power distribution network that I had not considered:  Rotating mass power generation over a complex RLC harmonic resonant network.

As a simplified model, imagine AC power distribution as a bunch of people throwing rocks into a lake at different points around the shore line.  Your goal is to make all the waves you generate be in sync.  If they are not in sync then the waves will either reinforce each other or cancel each other out.  On our power grid, when the waves are slightly out of sync, things blow up or at the very least have a shortened useful life span.

One of the stand out points for me in this interview was the description of the problem with distributed coal fired plants in the 70’s.  They tried having plants where the coal was located to save the transportation costs.  When these plants came online the resonance in the RLC network caused a turbine shaft (4 foot or larger diameter hardened steel shaft) to snap. Sample Steam Turbine Shaft

Here is the full interview.  Very interesting for us tech geek types.  The bit about the turbine shaft breaking is here:

What you need to know about Global Warming


We have all been lied to.  Here is proof in just one example:  The recent declarations of “The hottest month ever”. I present to the reader two charts comparing the actual data collected by NASA and NOAA compared to what they report to “we the [little] people”.


As you can see, NASA has adopted a methodology whereby they have incrementally “adjusted” their data reporting over time.  The result is that the reported temperature does not match the actual readings.  Furthermore, their adjustments are exactly correlated with their measured CO2 PPM.


Tony Heller has a very detailed talk concerning NASA’s manipulation of the data.  No he is not a “climate scientist”.  What he is, is an expert on Quality Assurance, an expert climate and weather model software developer,  a research scientist at Los Alamos and Sandia, a DOE Safety Analyst, and much more.  He may not be qualified to publish papers on climate, but he sure is qualified to analyze the data.

I know this might be too much information for the TLDNR; crowd, but if you still believe youre not being lied to after doing your own investigation into these facts then feel free to tell me how I’m wrong.


“Then what can I say? How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal? … You can deny all the things I’ve seen, all the things I’ve discovered, but not for much longer, ’cause too many others know what’s happening out there, and no one– no government agency– has jurisdiction over the truth.”  -F.M.

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. -Albert Einstein

Things that make you go ‘hmmmmmmm’:

Hillary should just hire midgets to go to her political rallies, so when the “alt-right” reports on her small crowds she can scream “BIGOTRY” as usual. – Milo

Thought of the day : Trump Yard Signs

While the left thinks it is HILARIOUS when people vandalize other people’s property, the actors fail to understand a very important fact.

The popularity of Trump is exactly in response to the left’s increasingly violent “protest” tactics.  Every Trump yard sign that is driven over or stolen only enforces the anti-establishment groundswell behind Trump’s success.

The police report that more than 70% of the violent rioters in Charlotte NC had out of state ID’s.  This fact indicates that people (perhaps a George Soros funded organization? *coughblmcoughhackblmcough* ) were bussed in to North Carolina to start a race war.  When it becomes the new normal for the party in power to send out paid thugs to attack the opposition’s supporters it reminds me of another famous powerful socialist and his brown shirted buddies.

I was not a supporter of a Trump presidency.

Not until the brown shirts started attacking.

Not until the alphabet “news” organizations all fell into lockstep DNC talking point rhetoric.

Not until the RINOs and crony capitalists (of both sides) attacked.

Not until a faggot from the UK was repeatedly censored by the shrill, pierced, disfigured and thoughtless zombies of SJW “acidemia”.

Only then did I realize this election isn’t Trump v Clinton, it’s the people v Clinton, and I will always support and believe in the people over government.  Any day.



Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm’:

11% of Americans believe Hillary is Truthful and Honest.  14% believe in BigFoot.  Care to speculate on the Venn diagram for that one?